Timothy Gallwey, W: The Inner Game of Tennis

The Ultimate Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance
40th anniversary edition of the classic sports psychology bestseller.
B-Format Paperback
Autor Timothy Gallwey, W
Verlag Pan macmillan Ltd.
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Erscheinungsjahr 2015
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Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
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40th anniversary edition of the classic sports psychology bestseller.
B-Format Paperback
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ISBN: 978-1-4472-8850-3
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Über den Autor Timothy Gallwey, W

Ever since Timothy Gallwey missed a heartbreakingly easy volley on match point in the National Junior Tennis Championship at the age of fifteen, he has been fascinated with the problem of how human beings interfere with their own ability to achieve and learn. His search for practical ways to overcome the mental obstacles that prevent maximum performance led to the basic discoveries first described in this, his bestselling classic. Since the completion of The Inner Game of Golf he spends most of his time in the Los Angeles office of the Inner Games Corporation, developing an Inner Game approach to such diverse fields as selling, management, stress, diet, music and the quality of work. He is the author of The Inner Game of Golf, The Inner Game of Tennis, and the co-author of The Inner Game of Music.

Geoff Beattie is an academic psychologist, writer and broadcaster, who has worked as the psychologist on Big Brother, as well as the Professor of Psychology at Edge Hill University and a Masters supervisor on the Sustainability Leadership programme at the University of Cambridge. He was Visiting Professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2012. Born in Belfast, he obtained a First from the University of Birmingham and a Ph.D. from Trinity College, Cambridge. He was awarded the prestigious Spearman Medal by the British Psychological Society for 'published psychological work of outstanding merit'. In addition, he has written regularly for the Guardian and the Independent and has published several books on aspects of contemporary British life. His book, On the Ropes: Boxing as a Way of Life, was shortlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year.

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